About This Guy

Hey Everyone!  I’m Brad Jude, a clown by day and a clown at night… I’m a single guy just outta college(well I didn’t really finish, but I’m out :), who doesn’t take anything too seriously!  I have many skills and went to Louisiana State University in Baton Rouge for the social life. I now live back home in Carencro, Louisiana, play 8 ball out of The Winner’s Circle and stay out of trouble going to festivals, Downtown Alive, parades, and UL Games.  I’m just a short bike ride north of Lafayette, but I’m only kidding I got some wheels.  Most people in town know me for the jokes I tell and the balloon animals that I make at the Mardi Gras Parades… In high school, I sold cotton candy at the UL basketball games dressed as a crazy clown with no teeth.

Basically, I’m a hustler that laughs at people that get stressed out over money, cause its so easy to make even when you are just clowning around.  Leaving home and going to LSU though I didn’t finish, I learned a lot about myself and having too much free time.  I’m not saying that I am gonna change the way I view my life being back home, but I will start to get a bit more grounded with a direction.  I feel like I was only playing these past couple years, but don’t really feel that I’m missing much by not finishing my degree.

Remember, If you ever need a clown at your kid’s birthday party or at your best friends bachelorette party contact me and I will check my schedule!


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